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Enchanted arms save editor

Update: now mods all characters (including golems).
Enchanted Arms Save Editor By Ryner Lute:.L.D.
Now press the open button on the editor and browse for your save file.They don't seem to offer much beyond any other game, unless you like drab pre-rendered backgrounds and some remarkably not-stunning character designs.Images: Last edited by Ryner Lute:.L.D.; at 07:45.Fortunately, Enchanted Arms has an excellent Japanese voice acting cast that saves us from the pain of listening to the English voice actors.Hit the Main Checkbox to go to Main Form.Please, for the love of God, save us from bad effeminate male voice acting.I wasn't impressed much by the game's visuals.The powerful attacks weren't even particularly showy.Item description: Enchanted Arms Save Editor.0 (Xbox 360).The trick of this one is you'd be right.Before doing anything and before pressing THE open button TO open THE save file write down the name of the character or golem you want to mod.Drag your save onto Fix Form.Let's hope the next RPG is more enjoyable.If you want to mod another character, change the name of the character/golem field and repeat steps 1-4.Also Hit the checkbox that you want before dragging save onto to fix Form.
For Writing the save make sure your not selecting anything you want to change.
Reggie posted a review.
Drag Your Save Onto Main Form.
Link: Enchanted Arms Save Editor By Ryner Lute.L.D.
Change TP Values -Change Coins Values, instructions:.
Enchanted Arms for any old RPG.
My main complaint is that it felt monkey quest 2 games like there was more grinding in this game than I've seen in a while.Future works on editor: Currently working on xp edit.Using this system, I found it difficult to keep from wasting game resources given all of the management I had to put into each fight.The Following 31 Users Say Thank You to Ryner Lute:.L.D.Now if they could only fix the stereotypical story and traditionally idiotic hero.

Ultimately, I can't say I enjoyed this game all that much, but if you're in the need, it is there.