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It activates the self-energy of the body and home pdf august 2014 stimulates lymphatic flow.
Thai massage, thai massage originated 2,500 years ago.Healers and Orthodox monks treated patients with hot herbs with buckwheat groats for different ailments ranging from colds and sinusitis to arthritis and myositis.Contains a large amount of vitamin C, carotene, riboflavin, methionine, tannin, albumin, calcium, phosphorus, and copper.The result is absolute relaxation and a sense of inner peace, the promotion of functions of internal organs.Stone therapy extends far beyond the physical impact of classic massage; it affects the underlying mechanisms of harmonization of energy, relaxation and health, and gives one a positive outlook towards the philosophy of Body Mind Soul.It relieves irritation, peeling, and manifestation of allergic reactions in the form of urticaria and flushing.The health-related effects of the Turkish bath have a lot in common with other types of baths.It gives a gorgeous lymphatic drainage effect!The goal of Ayurveda is to achieve health through the establishment of equilibrium and harmony, rather than by fighting the disease.The skin is soft, and has a healthy sheen, while the muscles get more power.Turkish baths are especially popular among women: because of the high humidity and relatively low temperature, the steam room is not over-drying on the skin.This massage is recommended to be combined with head massage: the combined effect of the procedures enhances the effect.Contraindicated for people with allergies to herbs!
Shock-resonance technique introduces a state of total relaxation.
Stone modeling massage is a part of cryotherapy,.e.
Dimensional rocking with deep painless massage will lead you from worldly concerns and thoughts Buckwheat massage Buckwheat massage or hot compresses using buckwheat have been used in Russia since ancient times.Ayurvedic refreshing and relaxing foot massage with healing oils This procedure combines the therapeutic effect of a multicomponent oil with a special technique of exposure to biologically active points of the foot.Its very good for dry, flaky, aging skin.The Turkish bath improves blood circulation, relieves excess weight, helps insomnia, relieves stress, relaxes muscles and calms the nerves, and rejuvenates and revitalizes the body as a whole.Kalindhi supplies the hair and scalp with natural mineral and organic substances, actively promotes hair growth, and prevents early graying.Your feet are immersed in a bath with a decoction of traditional Thai herbs.Soft music plays, and the master starts the massage: he or she presses on the bioactive points on energy lines, stretches and compresses the muscles, like yoga and reflexology at the same time.