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Fleet 77 user manual

fleet 77 user manual

Color Remarks GND 1 1 -ring6 2 2 - Shield line is contacted atconnector shell.
JRC would like to believe you to make long use of theterminal with your satisfaction.You should understand well them before reading thismanual and operating the terminal.(4) Pay attention to the patient to notice if he or she starts to breathe.(11) Check for any tools or wires, which may not be left in the Junction Box.Especially waterproof should betreated correctly in accordance with the installation manual.2-2-2 Telephone Telephone should be installed on the table or wall.Avoid heat and smoke of funnel and much dust.6.Included in the Package: Sailor Fleet 77 (Ex Works Denmark).Data, fax, e-mail, price:.450,00 EUR VAT, thrane Sailor Fleet 77 - Ex Works Denmark; Incs.The gland A of ADE for cable inlet is located at after side.Keep away 5 m or more from crack xbox 360 slim usb MF/HFantenna.2-3-1, 2-3-2 and 2-3-3.ADE should be installed the outside of the rotating area of radar scanner.The silverado duramax service manual ADE installation plan and work should be performed in accordance with the followingprocedure.
Vcautioncautions during installation Before operation of the terminal, read the instruction manual appropriate procedure may cause incorrect operation or malfunction.
(1) Installation near the center of mast This position is better than (2) from the point of view of total stiffness of mast.
(3) When the maximum loss at all direction is less than 4dB, go to step (5).
Otherwise, may cause malfunction.
2-1-1 Flow Chart of ADE Installation Plan and Work See Item 2-1-1 Item 2-1-5 See Item 2-1-3 See Item 2-1-2 NOSee Item 2-1-4 YES NO YES YES NO Item 2-1-5 Mailing the copy (DWG) to JRC.
2-2-1-2 Separate installation (1) Fix the fitting parts (MTB366348 and MTB366349) to the Main unit.Reference-estimation of loss by physical obstructions The loss by physical obstructions is easily estimated by the following procedures.2-2-3 Telephone Mounting NQW-132B a b c d b Push lowerside bosses Fig.2-3-1 Cable routing Do not cut off the ADE-BDE coaxial cable.(8) Screw the gland into the gland body attached to radome base.If you are unable to cut off the machinery, move the patient away from it using a non-conductivematerial such as dry boards or clothing.OK (Shown in Fig.Touching RF fans maycause injury or malfunction.Important areaSatellite used (Pacific, Atlantic or Indianocean) EL angle(degree) Remarks 1 Asian waters(via the great-circle route) Western offshore ofU.

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Do not pull the cable by gripping connector plug only.
Do not adjust the internal circuit without a measurement equipment orexchange the parts because the internal circuit is adjusted strictly.