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1.10.4 parent/guardian AND teacher/administration communications Teachers may be contacted via email.
The class elects a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and reporter.
3rd Offense (Conduct Referral) Detention (2 days work detail) Administrator contacts parents by address toolbar for windows 7 games phone.
Harassment may include any form of unwelcome and unwanted verbal, physical, or written conduct that offends, degrades, or belittles an individual.The membership may meet such other times as necessary after notice of the meeting.When these unexpected times occur, Leake Academy can assist the family with a written deferred payment plan for delinquent tuition, fees and other costs associated with attending.A 10th grader must complete a minimum of 5 academic units and have a total of 10 academic units to be promoted to the 11th grade.If a student needs to use a telephone, he/she is advised to come to the appropriate office and ask permission to use the office phone.21.3 dance team requirements Students wishing to become a member of the Dance Team must meet with the Dance Team sponsors to receive a Dance Team Member Contract, which outlines the requirements that must be met by the student, and it must be signed.
18.6 assembly programs Assembly programs will be held from time to time.
Members of the school community may not retaliate against any person who reports alleged harassment or any person who testifies, assists, or participates in the investigation, proceedings, or hearing related to such harassment.
Computer Applications: 3-ring binder, pens, pencils 11th Grade English III: binder (can be used for other classes as well paper, spiral bound notebook, pencils, pens Paperback Books: Will be assigned as needed Summer Reading Program: Choose ONE of the following books to read this summer.
Failure to do so will lead to appropriate disciplinary action by the administrative staff.
Do not allow any adults, that are not known to you or who do not have a visitors pass, into your room.The cost of testing will be borne by Leake Academy.Transact such other business as may be presented in writing not less than ten daysprior to the date of the meeting.Students priscilla filet crochet book pdf may use technology equipment under teacher supervision for academic purposes only.We space marine multiplayer crack are especially blessed that one of our original faculty members is still serving Leake Academy.Staff member should call police to inform them where they have found shelter with their class.