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Internet manager 6.11 build 7 patch only

Added periodic synchronization of files and the possibility to create new queues for downloading or synchronization.
Improved "Download all links with IDM" feature.
(Released: Nov 21, 2012) Added support for Firefox 19 Improved IE 10 integration Improved Google Chrome integration What's new in version.12 Final Build 24?Improved visual appearance and user interface.Internet Download Manager Scheduler announcement has been published on the official site.Redeveloped from scratch and completely replaced IDM integration modules for IE and IE based browsers on more stable ones.Fixed bugs, what's new in version.32 Build 3 (Released: Dec 20, 2018 improved browser integration modules.(Released: Jun 27, 2013) Added support for new types of video streaming sites Added support for Firefox 24 and SeaMonkey.19 Added a workaround for video sites' changes Fixed bugs What's new in version.16 Build 3?
What's new in version.32 Build 6 (Released: Feb 10, 2019).
(Released: Nov 16, 2010) Fixed several bugs What's new in version.03 beta build 6?
(Released: Jul 18, 2011) Added support for Firefox 6 Fixed bugs What's new in version.07 build 3?(Released: Oct 10, 2007) Added a button on "Download file info" dialog to create a new category What's new in version.11 build 7?(Released: Dec 20, 2011) Added socks support Fixed bugs What's new in version.08 beta?(Released: Apr 28, 2009) Fixed a critical bug with downloading files over 4GB Improved media file recognition in web players in IE What's new in version.16 build 3?(Released: Dec 11, 2007) Made a workaround to resolve conflicts between IDM IE integration and several 3rd party IE Add-ons like RealPlayer 11 What's new in version.11 build 9?Video downloading from streaming video sites.Microsoft Windows operating system.