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Jass newgen world editor

It turns out that there were whole issues with the resource section caused by database issues.
Hello all, I have some terrible news.
The improvements exist in the variety of things that the Fish and Naga are able to splinter cell conviction patch 1.01 do or build.
From amateurs to experts of Warcraft 3 modding, everyone is free to interact with our friendly users and staff.T is home for various great projects like Project Revolution, vJass and the Jass New Gen Pack.They were a bug with the server hosting our database.Any questions concerning the Warcraft World Editor or Warcraft itself be sure to ask, we will help you in anyway we can.A few days ago Vexorian silently rolled out a new forum located at (Big thanks to Deaod for donating his domain to the cause!) This is an official sister site to Wc3C and is hosted and run.Tropical Tag adds many new dynamics not found in any other tags and eliminates a plethora of problems found in almost all others.Tropical Tag is a tag game that seeks to set a new standard for the genre.For those who wish to join with their own irc client, the address of the server we are using now is irc.What do you think?Forums, user Name, remember Me?The different environments, game modes, and reduction of gameplay mechanic abuse makes Tropical Tag more complex then shoretel communicator client install Sheep Tag and allows it to keep its lasting appeal.The only backup available was from 1 year ago.
Comments (18 so, about the downtime, posted by : Vexorian ; at 09:48.
As the database server is beyond our control, I contacted Tim, remember Tim? and the channels are #wc3c, #sc2c and #wc3dev.We were promised this won't happen again, but of course we lost one year of wc3c activity.Which is equivalent to around 2 weeks of a real web site's activity, which is still very bad.But the time coming is not going to be fun nevertheless., edit: All the attachments uploaded last year might be recoverable, so if you cannot find an attachment, but have a way to remember the attachment id (or even if you don't then we can.I just wanted to give the official announcement myself in order to give a big thanks to Vexorian who has been working very hard to bring this new life to our modding community.Comments (14) News Archive Unable to find a news item?As such, it is time to begin our next endeavor: Sarcraft 2 Campaigns!I contacted Tim about it and it seems it all got fixed.We are paying attention to things.Register an account today and join one of the greatest modding communities out there!Those of you who have been paying attention already know that we've had chat channels set up on a new server for a while now, but the site's chat client was not yet configured to work with them.Hopefully, things will go back to normal, but do not be shocked if it happens again.Comments (1 project News: Tropical Tag.1 Released!It seems that until a year ago backups happened weekly, but it stopped happening.