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Magniwork - energy generator pdf

magniwork - energy generator pdf

Residential customers do not pay for kvar, and utility meters on houses do not record.
Power company utility meters on the side of your house measure this quantity and charge you for.
The lunacy doesn't start until they lay out an elaborate text description of their "generator".I got a job in dragon medical 10 crack Africa designing a wind turbine for local manufacture in Zimbabwe.Then you look at the label and it says it's packaged by weight, not by volume.Even if you didn't draw the power off the generator, frictional forces will slow it down and it will stop in a minute or less depending on the quality of the bearings.Remember that if you want to test something like this with the intention of proving that it defies our current engineering knowledge, you are going to have to use calibrated test equipment and carry out carefully controlled experiments.Also around this time I built and documented a windmill based on the brakedrum of a Ford transit van, took it to Glastonbury festival and talked to people. .When you do not have to power a minimum of for many decades in the other.In summary, there are multiple problems: The kvar unit should be mounted near the motor and switched with the motor.I also wonder what kind of liability you are incurring if your statements prove to be untrue.
Untill someone actually builds one and proves it doesn't work, I don't believe what you say.
It took me a whole year before I got something that worked reliably, and after that the neighbours all wanted one too. .
While power factor correction is useful for many industrial customers who use large amounts of power, it is a deception when marketed to home owners (often for several hundred dollars installed) as a way to save money on their electric bill.The Mueseum of UnWorkable Ideas.I have contacted nasa for their opinion and position on the so called "nasa approved" claim, based on what looks like an old interoffice memorandum and will post their reply here when I get one.How can the measurement error occur: Most E-meter's use an ADC (analog to digital converter) based on Audio Sigma Delta technology.What happens when you install it?We have not seen any data that proves these types of products for residential use accomplish what they claim.Dont make a wind turbine to save money! .Many kvar units are marketed as boxes that you install at a single location.The latest version is my Recipe Book describing how to build a range of different sizes and voltages of wind turbines. .

"Earth's pressure flow" is a meaningless concept and bogus source of energy to drive the generator.
This is geared towards "suspension of disbelief".