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Man of the house pdf

man of the house pdf

Sleep with boxers.
Progress the Story- When it comes to fashion, it s all about the right choices.
13 14 Special Points 8, Love If she is scared at sony vegas pro crack 12 night, she can stay with.
15 16 Have dinner with the girls, stairway at 18:00, Gain top eleven hack 2012 v2 08.rar submission.Actually, yeah I was.Full list of beach options.Check on her performing a chore.Ask for massage oil.Meet her and give her a hug, gain love.Love 70- She seems to be very curious about the porn I watch at night.Sure, I d love.Claire in the kitchen at 17:00 on a weekday.As long as she doesn t mind me sleeping naked.Ashley s door at 15:00, knock on the door.What the hell, why not!Love 5 25 26 I should focus on improving my relationship with Veronica for now- Gain 1 special point in Neon event with Veronica.Special Points 5- Time to seal the deal, let s go meet her at her apartment.
Take the out of order sign from the vending machine in the men s locker room.
Use the blindfold and cuffs on her.
Special Points 8, Arousal 60- After a long day of work, a massage would really do her good.
Love 50- She is spending so much time on her homework, maybe I should help her relax a little.
Your computer after Ashley goes to sleep.
Special Points 3 (Dependent on other NPCs) I should check up on her, maybe we can have a drink at Neon.
Gain 1 special point.Movie Choices Fun - Meet the Sisters Exiting - Crawling Dead Of course you will pick something I like - Notepad.He wanted his home, his life and his bed all to himself!Amy at the health club.(Amy s progress is dependent on other relationships)- Gain 1 Special point in health club event in Claire story line.(Monday through Friday after 16:00) Use the out of order sign from inventory on the sauna door.Kiss her, gain love.Enter Ashley s room, Sunday at 11:00.(Triggers Beginning of Amy Hints) Let s surprise her with a visit, when she s working at Neon.Sure, what s up?Matthews and send her an from my computer.End of current hint content for Claire-.4 AMY hint details I should focus on improving my relationship with Veronica for now.

Uhm well, gain love.