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Manual de proyector sony vpl-es2

manual de proyector sony vpl-es2

On LCD data projector The LCD data projector is bright points (red, blue, or green) that continuously appear on the LCD data projector.
Fan (Sirocco/For lamp) in gregg reference manual by william a. sabin the direction of the arrow.
D806 D807 D808 D810 D811 D812 D813 D814 D815 D816 D817 D818 D819 D902 D903 D904 D905 D906 D907 D908 D909 D912 D913 D914 D915 D916 D918 D919 D920 D921 FB101 FB102 FB103 FB105 FB106 FB301 FB302 FB303 FB304 FB305 FB306 FB401 FB402 FB501 FB601.To restore the original screen, press the freeze key again.C board CN702 CN701 8 Hexagon screws 9 Bracket (C) 7 Screw (PSW3 x 8) 0 Fuse hard crack temp c connector assembly SA board Side panel shaft C board CN806!- C board CN809 CN811 CN815 C 6 Remove the C board in the direction of the arrow.VPL-CS7/ES.6Adjust the position of the picture.Enter the X tilt value while the VPL-CS7/ES2 is set in the horizontal position, in 35 Other/tilt.Items with no part number and no description are not stocked because they are seldom required for routine service.Adjust the vcom R value for minimum flicker.Enter the Device Adjust menu, and then enter the Panel Drive Adjustment menu.VPL-ES2 1 2 3 audio videideo input A.Also, the ON/ standby indicator Sony VPL ES2 User Manual - Page 22 heat is still high, which could result in a breakdown of the projector.When pulling out a cable, be sure to pull it out from the plug, not the cable itself This section describes how to connect the projector to a computer.
For details, see Auto Input Search in the SET setting menu on page.
Value Tilt C2 Factory adj.
Dot Phase H Size Off Shift Wide Mode Off Off On Off On Scan Conv SET setting Smart APA Auto Input Search Input-A Signal Sel.
The distance between the lens and the screen varies depending on the size of the screen.
B Projecting the Picture Installing the Projector This section describes how to install the projector.
Web page address: m/ 1I / 1 (on/standby) key Turns on the projector when the projector is in standby mode.C Leave the projector for about two hours with the power.Support by Sony, get Support Content on the Go!Menu setting Status: L a n g u ag e : M e nu Po s i t i o n : M e nu C o l o r : On English Center White Input etting items Status (on-screen display) Functions Sets up the.Projector is set to wrong color system.Sony VPL ES2 User Manual - Page 18 a VCR This section describes how to connect the projector to a VCR.When you turn the power of the projector on, you are required to input the previously set password.Press the keys in the following order : enter enter enter.Note on Power Cord) s cable assy(15pdsubconnectorx2) s CD-ROM (CS7) s filter (E1) s case, carrying 4-26 VPL-CS7/ES2 Overall Overall Section 5 Block Diagrams power supply example.5V.8V.5V.3V S3V 5V S5V.5V 15V EmulatorB to B 70P J901 CVB CN902 R/R-Y.1 Two screws (BTP3 x10) 2 Fan bracket.C.Not all projectors offer keystone correction.