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Manual de servicio monitor de signos vitales

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Pulse Rate Range: 30 bpm 250 bpm.As the percentage of fetal hemoglobin in neonatal blood declines, the theoretical effect on accuracy due to living cell 3d crack this source is reducedmeasurement range accuracy20 250 BPM 3 BPM251 300 BPM UndefinedSPO2 module SPO2 pulse ratenell-3 SpO2 module bpmAccutorr V Service Manual Specifications Temperature2.5 Temperature2.6 Display Area.If the sensor or patient cable is damaged in any way, discontinue use immediately.They will include actions to be taken to avoid effects on patients or users that will not be potentially life threatening or result in serious injury, but about which the user should be aware.Possession or purchase of this device does not convey any express or implied license to use the device with replacement parts which would, alone, or in combination with this device, fall within the scope of one or more of the patents relating to this troduction.If fluid spills on the unit, wipe clean immediately boeing 767 flight attendant manual and refer the unit to qualified service ution: Before disassembling the monitor, eliminate static charges.Refer servicing to qualified personnel.
Use of unauthorized accessories may result in erroneous readings.
Otherwise, the monitor may be damaged permanently.
The main board also controls communication with the speaker, the recorder, and all external gure 1-4 Main Board Principle DiagramThe main board communicates with all parameter modules and the recorder through an fpga extended serial e main board supplies information using fpga to the key.Warning: Electrical safety tests are a proven means of verifying the electrical safety of the monitor.Infrared light LED wavelength: 940nm10nm, standards: Meets performance standards of EN ISO 9919:2005.The board contains the LCD module, 7-segment digital display, LED indication lamp, and gure 1-6 Key displays Board Principle DiagramThe LCD module adjusts contrast and e 7-segment digit units display parameter e AC indicator is driven by the ADV output from the power board, and.Stock: 1 Unidad, entrega: Inmediata, forma de pago: Abono en cta.The button cell ensures the continuous working of the clock in the event that AC mains and batteries are not RAM stores running program instructions and data temporarily.

Alarm Limit: SYS: 50 240 mmHg.