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CSCds69470 A ati radeon hd 5800 driver update Cisco AS5300 series universal access server dials a wrong number or a number without an area code.
CSCds66789 A Cisco 5300 series universal access server using an originating gateway can we ps3 games running Cisco IOS Release.1(4.4)T2 with pa3 images may reload with a bus error.Depending upon the fixing crack in artex ceiling attacked protocol, a successful attack may have additional consequences beyond terminated connection which must be considered.BGP MD5 is a valid workaround for this problem.CSCds09905 On a Cisco AS5400 series universal access server running Cisco IOS Release 12.1(4)T, unalignment read in the I/O Cache memory causes the system to reload because it does not handle alignment correction.Workaround: Clear the isdn BRI interface.The "Resolved Caveats" sections list caveats resolved in a particular release, but open in previous releases.CSCds62892 A Cisco router that is acting as a Provider Edge (PE) router in a Multiprotocol Label Switching (mpls Virtual Private Network (VPN) may show an incorrect tag value for some VPN routing/forwarding instance (VRF) routes.CSCds50783 Cisco IOS software will allow you to configure traffic-shaping parameters above the limit of BC greater than 80,000.
CSCdp68943 When there is a high volume of traffic moving through IP Security Protocol (IPSec you might see the following message: Memory allocation of 18196 bytes failed.
It has serial or High-Speed Serial Interface (hssi) interfaces that are either VIP (Versatile Interface Processors) or non-VIP, but the router is running the ip cef command in non distributed mode.
CSCds59117 Multiprotocol Label Switching (mpls) and Multilink PPP between the provider edge (PE) routers and the Content Engine (CE) on a Cisco 7200 series router do not work if the no version of the ip route-cache cef command in interface configuration mode is enabled.
It is overwritten by the BIA of the router which was previously in the "Listen" state.
CSCds45043 On a Cisco AS5300 series universal access server running Cisco IOS Release.1(3)T and E1/PRI, incoming modem calls may be rejected with "Requested circuit/channel not available" messages.
Workaround: Clear the Fast Ethernet interface.CSCdr89499 A Cisco 7200VXR series router with a Network Processor Engine (NPE) 300 may pause indefinitely if the configuration register is set to allow a break sequence (for example, 0x2002) at any time and that break sequence is sent to the router.This situation results in the improper access of internal data structure that leads to the reload.CSCds09190 Operation, administration, and maintenance (OAM) loopback cells are not received properly if the encapsulation type of the ATM permanent virtual circuit (PVC) is set for any variant other than aal5snap or aal5mux.CSCdr58534 After a series of pings on a BRI interface with Link Access Procedure, Balanced (lapb) encapsulation, the frame sequence number may lose synchronicity.Sometimes this reload is accompanied by a SYS-6-stacklow message.CSCdp76631 A Cisco 3661 series router reports the following error message when placing an outbound isdn call: voice error 0x3A.The alignment error count increases rapidly.Workaround: Limit the number of calls on the dial peer to two.CSCds73445 The show controllers t1 privileged exec command displays port statistics inaccurately.Nonetheless, some calls do train up at fast (V.34/V.90/K56Flex) modulations and, once connected, work well.Additionally, we are seeing interoperability problems with third-party Gatekeepers that expect a unique callIdentifier for forwarded/transferred calls; the duplicate callIdentifier causes the Gatekeeper to reject the new call.This renewal attempt will happen at the half-life of the dhcp lease.