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Portable stata 10 (32 bit).zip

(Jani) Fixed bug #31056 (php_std_date returns invalid formatted date if y2k_compliance is On).
(Derick, Adam) Fixed bug #49560 (oci8: using LOBs causes slow PHP shutdown).La disputa si concluse due anni dopo con un accordo privato fra le parti.(Sebastian) Added alpha support for imagefilter IMG_filter_colorize.Improved PHP-FPM sapi Added partial syslog support (on error_log only).(Felipe) Fixed bug #49698 (Unexpected change in strnatcasecmp.Fixed bug #67252 (convert_uudecode out-of-bounds read).(Stas) Added filter_flag_strip_backtick option to the filter extension.(Dmitry) Fixed bug #31465 (False warning in unpack when working with.(Felipe) Fixed bug #49463 (setAttributeNS fails setting default namespace).(Dmitry) Fixed bug #31177 (memory leaks and corruption because of incorrect refcounting).(Dmitry) Fixed bug #30282 (segfault when using unknown/unsupported ve_handler and/or rialize_handler).Replaced zend_op_ne_pass_two by zend_ACC_done_pass_TWO in zend_op_array.(Greg) Fixed bug #45826 (custom ArrayObject serialization).
(Ilia) Fixed bugs #38511, #38473, #38263 (Fixed session extension request shutdown order to ensure it is shutdown before the extensions it may depend on).
(Ilia) Added pg_field_table function.
(Felipe) Fixed bug #41941 (oci8 extension not lib64 savvy).
(CVE ) Fixed BC break introduced by patch for bug #67072.(Ilia) Fixed bug #40467 (Partial soap request sent when XSD sequence or choice include minOccurs0).Added clear_env configuration accu chek aviva expert manual directive to disable clearenv call.Changed the structure of op_array.(Dmitry) Fixed bug #30045 (Cannot pass big integers ( ) in soap requests).(vnegrier at optilian dot com, Ilia) Fixed bug #50761 (ltiCall crashes in xmlrpc extension).

(Ilia) Fixed bug #41118 (PHP does not handle overflow of octal integers).