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Roots crack sewer pipe

The lucky among them have undertaken this project on the advice of a proactive plumber who warned of the consequences of backup or leakage due to cracked or clogged pipes.
Is there anything I can do to prevent this besides flushing nasty chemicals down the toilet or cutting down the tree?" -Luke, who handles the books at Mulhall's Nursery in Omaha.
The kicker is damagethe home insurance policy will often cover the cost to fix the pipes if they are physically damaged by the roots, such as when the root penetrates a joint causing it to crack.
Most can be controlled, others cannot.Once the roots get into the sewer the weeknd wicked games new version pipe, they feed off the water and began to grow inside the pipe.And the physical trauma of the cleaning may create new and bigger cracks.If you know you have roots take prompt action to get them under control.Then those well-fed and watered roots growing into the crack make it even wider.Remedying this unfortunate situation can be costly, and depending on the nature of the project, is not covered by standard home insurance.What Can Be Done to Combat the Tree Root Problem in Sewer Pipe? This can result in a sewer pipe rupture; a ruptured sewer pipe can be very costly to fix or replace. In most cities, half of the tree roots in the cities sewer system enter through defective private lateral sewer pipes.I purchased an older home with a 40 year old maple tree planted near the house.For guidelines on reprinting this article, go.
And the chemicals that people flush to kill the roots are not even a one-time solution.
As Bill explains, an older home like this is going to have clay pipe taking wastewater away.
(Lateral sewer pipe is the underground sewer pipe that runs from your home or business to the city sewer main; normally it is your responsibly to keep your lateral sewer pipe in good condition.Since this problem is handled differently by insurance companies, call our office to see what we can do for you.Remove the stump and you add to the cost and insure the final destruction of that sewer pipe.Signs that a sewer is becoming blocked include slow flowing drains, gurgling sounds from a toilet bowl and wet areas around washing machine floor drains.And don't blame the maple. You pick and approve the option you like best, only then do we do the work.The increased pressure often breaks the pipe and may result in total collapse, which requires repair or replacement. Eventually a root that enters the sewer pipe will continue to grow; then its only a matter of time before it will become completely blocked and may rupture the sewer pipe.A complete blockage may occur if the roots are not removed and root growth impeded.Either way, that little root gets big and strong from all the moisture and nutrients when it does get into the pipe.Note: Policy coverages and circumstances can change at any time, so the information above may not be accurate at the time of reprinting or subsequently to that time.The previous owner told us that the sewer line had backed up due to the roots of the maple growing into the line.Concrete pipe and PVC pipe may also allow root intrusion, but to a lesser extent than clay pipe.

 This is what eventually causes a clogged sewer; normally it takes a large root mass in your sewer to finally clog the system.