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Michael Amaladoss,.J., the author of 21 books, is director of the Institute for Dialogue with Cultures and Religions in Chennai (formerly Madras India).
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Knitter, Union Theological Seminary NYC.
A new presentation of the Christian Jesus who has also lived, died, and been resurrected in, for, and with Asian people."-Rev.Skip to main content, academia.While drawing on images from the Asian context, including the Hindu tradition and Buddhism, Amaladoss does not seek to offer a comparative theological study.1 Rather, he narrows the parameters of the book in order to explicate how the various images of Jesus are perceived.When it comes to grasping who Jesus was and is, author Michael Amaladoss argues, images can be as important as doctrines.In failing to incorporate such voices, the scope of Amaladoss's work is thus limited.The intention of the book is not to develop a 'theological treatise' (p.Edu uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience.In this fascinating work Amaladoss takes the images of Jesus in the New Testament and then unfolds the ways in which nine images from Asian literature, culture, and religion-sage, way, guru, satyagrahi, avatar, servant, Compassionate One, dancer, pilgrim-can open new horizons on the Founder.Privacy Policy, nO, you can make changes to your choices regarding privacy by emailing with the subject line "EU Privacy Request".
Indeed, these images cannot be excluded when entering into Christological and theological reflection in Asia.
Hee An Choi, Boston University "Both scholars and students will find this book rewarding."-Dr.
"Helps us rediscover the Asian roots of Jesus who was born, preached, and died in Asia.
The Asian Jesus sets out to 'inspire us and energize us' through the use of images Jesus in Asia, in order that they may 'act on our imagination and provoke our commitment and conviction to walk with Jesus' (p.
Certainly the images presented in the book provide an insightful and thought provoking glimpse into the diverse perceptions of Jesus in Asia, opening up new and dynamic questions for theological discourse.The emergence of Dalit voices in the Indian context, for example, offer distinctive images relevant to this discourse.Phan, Georgetown University "A voice from Asia to which you have to listen.End Page the art of speculation philip l. carret.pdf 182, adrian Bird, university of Edinburgh.While no one image in itself may fully capture the mystery of Jesus Christ, these images may be understood as rooted in faith and context, thus provoking essential theological reflection.Responding to the fact that Jesus is often perceived as a Westerner, Michael Amaladoss, in his book, The Asian Jesus, explores diverse images of Jesus from the Asian context, in light of the fact that 'Jesus was born, lived, preached, and died in Asia' (p.Exploring rich and diverse images of the Asian Jesus, Amaladoss achieves his goal, provoking stimulating contextual insights lincat deep fat fryer manual that serve to enrich Christian theological discourse.Yet one may critically ask which 'Asia' and which 'India' Amaladoss refers, and thus which Asian Christian voices are represented in the book.