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if (answer) ).then(function (selectedObject) /Reloading the parent of recently removed node 500ms after removing it var ParentId new Deferred Deferred.
var newItem NodeName: name, ParentId:, children: " ; ildren.
Data; using t; namespace ntrollers public class TreeController : Controller private TreeModelContainer db new TreeModelContainer / GET /Tree/Data/3 / post /Tree/Data / PUT /Tree/Data/3 / delete /Tree/Data/3 RestHttpVerbFilter public JsonResult Data(Node node, string httpVerb, int id 0) switch (httpVerb) case "post if (Valid) ate ded;.
Put(newItem /Loading recently added node 500ms after puting it var nodeId new Deferred Deferred.On dblclick patch thomas kotulski hines il function (object) ).then(function (object) var name prompt Enter a new name for the object if (name!Put(oldParent /This will change the parent of the moved Node rentId ; store.Function var selectedObject layla and majnun nizami pdf t selectedItems 0; if (!selectedObject) return alert No object selected if ( 1) return alert Can not remove Root Node var answer confirm Are you sure you want to permanently delete this node and all its children?Ildren ildren; / now that full object, we should have an array of children onComplete(ildren, function (error) / an error occurred, log it, and indicate no children ror(error onComplete, getRoot: function (onItem, onError) / get the root object, we will do a get and callback.
Data.Entity; using dels; using System.
Where(x.Equals(id) select new id, NodeName deName, ParentId rentId, children from entity1 in des.
Function var selectedObject t selectedItems 0; if (!selectedObject) return alert No object selected /Sync selectedObject with server ).then(function (selectedObject) var name prompt Enter a name for new node if (name!Function reloadNode(id) en(function (Object) treeStore.Splice(insertIndex 0, 0, child store.function (JsonRest, Observable, Deferred, Tree, dndSource, BusyButton, query).If (rentId ) return false; var store this; ).then(function (oldParent) ).then(function (newParent) ).then(function (child) var oldChildren ildren; me(oldChildren, function (oldChild, i) if ( ) oldChildren.Web; using c; 2005 ford f550 owners manual using System.Put(newParent, function (error) alert Error loading " deName, function (error) alert Error loading " deName, function (error) alert Error loading " deName, put: function (object, options) this.Web; using c; using dels; namespace ntrollers public class HomeController : Controller public ActionResult Index ssage "Tree supporting crud operations Using Dojo Tree, Entity Framework, Asp.Net MVC return View public ActionResult generateRoot try TreeModelContainer db new TreeModelContainer Node node new Node node nd(1 if (node.Js" Node rootNode new Node deName "Root rentId 0; d(rootNode veChanges ssage "Some Nodes have been generated else ssage "Root Exists.label: "Add new child to selected item timeout: 500, "add-new-child var removeChildButton new BusyButton( id: "remove-child busyLabel: "Wait a moment.Title "Dojo Tree h2 @ssage /h2 link rel"stylesheet" href"s" link rel"stylesheet" href"s"!- load dojo and provide config via data attribute - script data-dojo-config"async: true, isDebug: true, parseOnLoad: true" /script script src js/tree.Splice(i, 1 return true; / done store.Null, IDC_arrow 210 DebugTrace (L Report file is created!Web; using c; using System.